How to Use

I created these kids party invitations in Photoshop over a period of three years. Some were for my own kids' birthday parties, others for friends... even a few were ordered when I briefly sold party invites as a little home business...

But in the end I thought, Why not just make them printable and offer them for free??
So that's what I've done.

The size is 10.5x14.8cm or A5 (half A4).
You can lay them up to print 2-up on one A4 page or reduce them to fit on a page like this...
(use photoscape "combine" or PicMonkey "collage" to lay up like this for printing)

Just right-click to save the image to your computer than print it out.

Import them into Word or any other publishing programme and you can set them up four-to-a-page. Once printed, just fill in your details by writing them out with a pen (old fashioned, I know!)

I hope you enjoy them, and even come visit my Blog for fun party ideas.

Leave me a comment to say you've been - I'd love your feedback.

Be blessed, have fun, go Party!

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The Invitation List

If personalising one of my blank designs is in your too-hard basket, visit my Etsy shop and I'll do it for you...